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Language & Sports – Montreal

Art, Sports & Language Camp – Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec. It was founded on an island in the Saint Lawrence River at the foot of the hill with the same name: Mount Royal. This up-beat urban center has a wide diversity of lively neighborhoods, from avant-garde galleries, to world-class restaurants, plenty of parks and public spaces. A city with nearly 2 million inhabitants who are very friendly. English and French are both well spoken. During winter it offers a great array of winter sports. No doubt, Montreal is a year-round tourist attraction and a winter wonderland during the cold season.


Looking for a fun, entertaining, international and well reputed summer camp in Montreal? Look no further! Here is your best option to study english or french in a fun way, practice lots of sports, take part in artistic workshops, and explore Montreal and its surroundings.


  • ¨A perfect choice. My daughter loves modern art dance, my son loves soccer and my youngest is into learning french. We found all at one same camp.¨

    Silvana Arismendi, mother of Lara, Tom & Marion – Lugano, Switzerland

  • “The kids liked it. We travelled around Montreal and Quebec city while the kids enjoyed all the different games, excursions and of course camping.”

    Igor Petrovich, father of Sasha – Saint Petersbourg, Russia

  • “For all that matters, going to camp is something that the world needs more of. I truly believe that camps like this can certainly positive impact anyone.”

    Mateo de Sousa – Bahia, Brasil

  • “Me and my friend from school decided to go together. We met other girls from different countries and made new friends, but she and I we remain best friends at school.”

    Fatima Guatavita – Rio do Janeiro

  • “I met wonderful people and had so much fun. The many activities at night were my favourite. I became good friends with my counselor and hopefully I’ll see her again.”

    Lila McCarthy – USA

Art, Sports & Language Camp


Fun, entertaining and international!

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