Traditional Canadian Camp – Muskoka

Traditional Camp – Muskoka

Muskoka is a region recognized by National Geographic Traveler magazine as a top Canadian destination choice. Also, it has been named one of the twenty best Must-see places in the globe. But above all, it also ranks as one of the one hundred places that can change your child’s life.” No picture can fully capt the splendor of a campsite in the Muskokas. It offers an abundance of things to see and do. Hiking across the forest along colourful trails, star gazing nights relaxing in front of a bonfire, to swim in crystal waters, get to admire from close different species of wildlife, photograph stunning sunset vistas. All is possible in Muskoka.


  • ¨My daughter left and came back a totally different person. At first she was quite aprehensive about the idea of spending two weeks away from home.”

    Nora Berasategu, mother of Julieta – Santander, Spain

  • “My friend recommended this camp so much. You can not know how much fun it is, until you spend your time surrounded by such a great social atmosphere.”

    Lucas Villaseñor, Leadership Program. – Calí, Colombia

  • ¨My favourite part of Canada is the green landscapes and everything smells so fresh and the sun light reflecting in the water. A great experience in Canada.¨

    Clara Tornells – Barcelona, Spain

  • ¨It was the third time I go to Camp in Canada. The first time was to Toronto and then Vancouver. This time at Muskoka, I found something different and really special.¨

    Julian Guerra – Guadalajara, Mexico


When it comes to Traditional Canadian Camps, Muskoka is a privileged area, as it is home to many of the best summer camps for kids in Canada.
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