Summer Camp Work Abroad

Welcome to International Camps Network, a community where you will be able to learn a lot about Outdoor Education & Experiential Learning, and perhaps fulfill some of your most precious dreams all at once: to get a chance to travel to many beautiful corners that this world has to offer, to get a volunteer-paid position acting as a Role Model and to enjoy a fantastic time at an intense and joyful international atmosphere, all of this while you switch off from electrical gadgets, get in direct contact with mother nature and you get to meet cool like-minded people from all over the world.

No matter which type of placement you are up for, you will end up going through a great learning process and will gain lots of experience mentoring children and youth, leading projects and activities, playing sports & games, organizing group dynamics, communicating and learning a new language and participating in problem solving process under a creative approach.

If you come from a non-english speaking country and you are interested in practicing & improving your english fluency and confidence in speaking it, there is nothing like getting completely immersed into a fun and relax atmosphere such as at camp. Without a doubt, your cultural baggage and soft skills will boost and reinforce your character.

You have no previous experience? No worries. Keep on reading or contact us. Once you submit your application form, you will receive detailed orientation and you will get prepared with an intense training that will get you tuned up and all set for a magnificent summer work experience somewhere abroad.

  • How does it work?

    You Apply -You get an Interview -You book the number of weeks according to your time availability- Submit a deposit & required documents. -You obtain a Placement Offer -Get your stuff ready -Travel & Attend Training -Start your placement abroad.

  • For How long?

    Minimum commitment of 5 weeks (training week + 4 placement weeks) and up to 6 Months.


  • I had a fantastic time. I learnt quite a few things, met really awesome people and really got to enjoy the beauty of nature. It was a great pause from the ordinary world routines and I can truly say that despite being long hours and intense work, it did not feel like I was working, but rather getting payed to play around. John Cramer - Scotland
  • The application process was smooth, the training was fun, the senior staff were corteous and knowledgable, and those two months in British Columbia marked one of my favourite summers ever.Maggie Rosenthal - Ireland
  • I liked it a lot. I am from Madrid, which is a big crowded city, and this opportunity to be somewhat isolated, surrounded by trees and water made me feel great. To breathe the clean fresh air while paddling was one of the things I most enjoyed. Also the good friends I met, and with whom I hope we will keep in contact for the years to come.Lorenzo Marsano - Spain
  • For me, the adventure of camping was at the beggining a bit scary, but as soon I stepped out of the plane, I got really confident. My 8 weeks placement was tyring, but very rewarding. The girls in my cabin groups were all adorable.Ana Guanais - Portugal
  • Swinging with Sam was a great siesta activity. I had some great kids and and great teamer friends and everyone was great all around! I loved running watersports and even though with a billion kids it’s super stressful, it’s great fun anyway. Milk is also obviously a great orange.Wei Lu - China
  • I loved the team I worked with at both camp sites and working with the kids… Too many favorite moments to list.Wei Lu - China
  • I enjoyed waking up in a tent, knowing I got to be in the outdoors all day, and the positivity of the other teamers. We all became a family who looked after each other and supported each other when looking after the kids.
    Gina pietrogrande - Italy
  • My top motivations while at camp last summer, were, meeting amazing friends for life from all over the world, having such a positive work relationship with directors, forming bonds with the kids and challenging myself.
    Wei Lu - China
  • Going on the hike was a real highlight. Seeing the group come together over through the experience and push themselves was really rewarding.Sammy Bowers - Australia
  • Aside from the children, I enjoyed the positivity and chill vibe. Even when the plan was interrupted by weather or whatever else, teamers kept a positive attitude and adjusted as necessary.Michael Morrison - Australia
  • “- camp fires and chill time with other teamers
    – schedule was very clear for all different camps
    – how transfers had to be done were well explained
    – learnt a lot about myself this summer”.Michael Morrison - Australia
  • “My favourites at Camp are the chance to people from all around the world, and the freedom we have while planning programs for kids.
    My two most memorable moments in Camp, first is the last night ceremony of staff training week, second is to see people coming back to Camp after vocation.”Melanie Bouncer - Canada
  • “I loved the training week in June, it gave a great perspective on being a camper and was a lot of fun. I really loved teaching English and enjoyed the English camp in Germany. Most of all I liked meeting new people from all over the world and making good friends.”Nicole Matterson Flitz- Switzerland
  • “The internatinal atmosphere, the bonfires in the evening and when one of my kids said i will miss you and i knew i did my Job right.”Markus Steinberger - Germany
  • “Meeting people from around the world. Becoming more open to different cultures and personalities. Sitting in fron of the fire drinking milk.”Hannah Purdy - England

Positions Available and their Main roles

Summer Camp Counselor

Supervises every aspect of the camper's daily routines, motivates and encourages campers to enjoy and participate in numerous different camp activities. Provides a safe and fun environment contributing to the creation of an enjoyable atmosphere at camp at all times.

You will:

- Be in charge of a cabin group of 6 - 10 campers.
- Accept guidance and instructions from senior staff.
- Interact with other co-workers to plan, organize and run diverse sports and games.

Program Area Coach

Leads and supervises a program area at camp. Whether it is Climbing and High Ropes, Swimming, Landsports, Creatives and Art, Initiatives, Water Sports, etc. Prepares, debriefs, implements safety measures and runs the camp activities according to different difficulty levels.

You will:

- Ensure camper's safety during their active participation at the Program Area activities
- Ensure that campers gain experiential learning.
- Debrief about the camper's experiences.

Support & Kitchen Staff

Works behind scenes and ensures that all functional and logistic aspects of camp run smoothly. There are different options within this type of placement: Kitchen crew, maintenance staff, build up and take down personnel, etc. Definitively a Fun but demanding Job.

You will:

- Be required to work hard.
- Do a wide variety of different tasks and errands.
- Will put into practice your handy abilities and skills.
- Will work along with senior maintenance staff and under the supervision of the site manager.